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Have you heard the buzz?  Sustainable business practices are catching on around the nation and are helping businesses save money and become better community partners.


What is sustainability and how does it apply to business?  Simply put, a sustainable business incorporates common sense practices that balance economic interests with social responsibility and environmental concerns.  Added values include enhanced competitiveness by increasing market value and consumer approval ratings, as well as providing a source of pride for employees and suppliers.   More often than not, the result of implementing a sustainable business program can cut costs!


Learn how your business can put in place easy-to-implement activities that will increase consumer loyalty and help ensure the integrity of our planet for generations to come.  Any type or size of business is eligible and can benefit from the program.  Schools, non-profits and other organizations are also encouraged to enroll.


The Steamboat Sustainable Business Program is voluntary.  A small annual fee is required (see below) to enroll.  Receive certification and be recognized!  Here are some of the benefits your business will receive:


-Your business will receive professional sustainability coaching and training by our licensed

-You will receive a framed certificate upon certification

-You can display the Sustainable Business logo and at your workplace and on collateral

-Your business will be featured in newsletters and on the website

-Your business will be listed in publications and the Green Biz Directory as a Sustainable business in the area and used as a role model for other businesses

-You will have the opportunity to renew your certification annually at a minimal cost.


The program is designed to be user friendly, and assistance is provided each step along the way.  Here are the 4 easy steps to enroll:


            1. Fill out the form below

            2. Enclose your fee based on number of employees

            3. Provide a contact person and phone number from your company

            4. You will be contacted shortly to begin the certification process.


We look forward to hearing from you!


1. NAME OF BUSINESS                                                                                                      

2. MAILING ADDRESS                                                                                                        


3. NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES                                                                                             


4. CONTACT PERSON & PHONE NUMBER                                                                    


5. TYPE OF BUSINESS                                                                                                        

Choose one of the following:

à         Office

à         Retail

à         Restaurant/bar

à         Lodging

à         School/Daycare

à         Manufacturing

à         Mining/Agriculture

à         Health/Hospital

à         Government

à         Wholesale or dealer

à         Construction

à         Recreation

à         Transportation

à         Service

à         Public Utility

à         Nursery (plant/tree)

à         Dry Cleaner

à        Gas Station/Repair

Rate Structure    Number of Employees FTE*/Fee

1-50 employees =$250


51-100 employees = $350


100+ employees = $550


*FTE = Full time equivalent, brokers are counted as employees


Please make check payable to:  Steamboat Sustainable Business Consortium or SSBC


And mail to:


ATTN: Lyn Halliday

PO Box 883071

Steamboat Springs, CO 80488


Questions?  Call 970.879.6323