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June 2009  


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Sustainable Business Program Highlights

Program News-Lyn's Lines

What's Coming Up?

Sustainable Business Theme of the Month - The New Water Conservation Ethic

About the Program


Program Highlights

The momentum continues to grow as the Steamboat Sustainable Business Program reaches 63 businesses! 
Businesses that have achieved certification:
BAP and Big Agnes, GOLD
 Images of Nature, SILVER
 Moots Cycles,
 J.K. Wall Designers,
 Pet Kare Clinic,
 Black Tie Ski Rentals,
GOLD and working towards Platinum!
 bistro c.v.
 Moving Mountains Chalets, Inc.,
 Letson Enterprises,
 Drexel Barrell & Co.
 Air Quality Systems SILVER
Kelly & Stone Architects GOLD
 Prudential Steamboat Realty
 Fox Construction
 Horizons -
 PostNet -

 Colorado Group Realty - GOLD
 Big House Burgers -
 Simply Steamboat Property Management -
 City of Steamboat Springs - Centennial Hall - BRONZE             
 City of Steamboat Springs - City Hall - SILVER
 ResortQuest Steamboat -
 Habitat Construction -
 Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association- BRONZE
 Central Park Management -
 Colorado Mountain College, Alpine Campus -
 Life Essentials Wellness Spa -


Congratulations to the Businesses attaining certification this quarter!
Rex's American Grill & Bar - SILVER
Mazzola's Restaurant -
Mountain Valley Bank - BRONZE
TouchStone Promotions, Inc. -
GO Alpine-
The Ore House at the Pine GroveRestaurant -
Alpine Bank -
Native Excavating - GOLD
Businesses on their way to achieving certification:
 Drahota Construction Co.
Tall Tulips Flower Shop
 Resort Group
 Computer Cures
 Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. Administrative Offices
 Dovetail Designs
 Steamboat Village Brokers
 Peabody Energy
 Mountain Home Stove & Fireplace
 Landmark Consultants
 Irene Nelson Interiors
 Pinnacle Resort Management
 NRC Broadcasting
 Steamboat Pilot & Today
 Catamount Ranch & Club
 Sheraton Steamboat
WELCOME to our newly enrolled Businesses!
Light Works of
Lowell Whiteman School

Aspire Osteopathy
Rio Grande Restaurant



Lyn's Lines


Our new Sustainable Business Directory is now on the website  and allows consumers to shop sustainable by category. 
Additionally, at our March Networking Luncheon two new ways to offset your carbon footprint as part of your certification were launched, the Cents for Steamboat Program and the Colorado Carbon Fund.  We are delighted to announce the following businesses who have signed up:
-Black Tie Ski Rentals - first to enroll in the Cents for Steamboat Program
-Life Essentials Wellness Spa - also enrolled in Cents for Steamboat
-GO Alpine (aka Alpine Taxi) - participating in the Colorado Carbon Fund Program
-Alpine Bank - also participating in the Colorado Carbon Fund.
To find out more or to enroll your business visit or



What's Coming Up?

Our fifth quarterly Networking Luncheon is coming up on June 12th at 11:30am at Rex's American Grill and Bar.  The past events have been well attended, averaging 60 + people and a great opportunity to share sustainable practices is provided. 
A huge thank you to this quarter's  networking luncheon sponsor

You won't want to miss our guest speaker, Doug Hurth, Owner and President of Building for Health Eco-Center located here in Steamboat Springs!


$5 for businesses enrolled in the Sustainable Business program and $15 for non-members.  All are welcome!  RSVP to Alli at 875.7000 or  

We hope to see you there!




Save the Date and Send Your Employees to:
The NextForest - A Community Tree Planting Day
Friday, June 26, 200910:30am-2:00pm
Where: Meet at Steamboat Lake State Park - Park at the Marina.  Volunteers will not need to purchase park pass.
TAXI and the CITY OF STEAMBOAT SPRINGS have generously offered to donate people movers to transport volunteers to the tree planting event.Meet in Steamboat at 9:30 at USFS Office on HWY 40 (across from the Holiday Inn) - and return at approximately 3:30.
A RSVP is required to retain a seat on the bus - first come first served by calling 879-6323
            10:30 Welcome
            10:45  A Few Words About Beetle Infestation and our Next Forest - Oscar
                        Martinez, Yampa District Ranger
            11:00 Gather teams and walk to tree planting site
What to Wear: Dress for the weather and for being outside and getting dirty, rugged boots suggested
What to Bring: A water bottle and a snack.  Tools will be provided. Bring a spade if you have one.



Sustainable Business Theme of the Month


WATER CONSERVATION in Steamboat Springs
A New Plan
You may have heard that the first ever comprehensive Water Conservation Plan for Steamboat Springs has recently been drafted.  The joint community Plan includes the City's service area as well as the Mount Werner Water district and Steamboat II Metro District service areas.  Key components include setting conservation goals, a public involvement and education program, a drought and water emergency preparedness plan, and an overall water conservation action plan that addresses indoor and outdoor water use by residential, commercial and industrial users.


Why Water Conservation?
Why water conservation in
Routt County?  Aren't we located in the headwaters of the Yampa River and are water rich, you may ask?
Water conservation is a key strategy in developing a sustainable community; it demonstrates responsible stewardship of our water resources and responsible management of our infrastructure and financial resources. Water is a precious and finite resource and Steamboat Springs is not immune to the need to seriously and comprehensively embrace a water conservation ethic.  The overarching goals of the Water Conservation Plan are:
-To raise awareness of the need for and benefits of water conservation and help create a  "conservation culture" in the Steamboat Springs that protects our limited and essential water supply
-To foster the understanding that making wise choices relative to water use will have a direct correlation to future investment of public funds - saving water means saving money
-To convey how every user and each water supplier can benefit from implementing a conservation ethic
-To prescribe an effective response plan should a drought or other water emergency be declared.

The Plan sets a 20 -year target of reducing peak day demand by 20% by the year 2030.



Taking Action
According to the USEPA, Americans use 126% more water today than we did in 1950.  Water conservation measures are both behavioral and mechanical in nature.  Implementing both can result in significant reductions of water consumption.  Small changes in behavior can result in significant changes in water conservation. 
An Action Plan has been developed as part of the Water Conservation Plan.  Every user, both residential and commercial is targeted to pitch in.   Altering daily practices to include water conservation at your business, as well as equipment and appliance upgrades will help our community reach its water conservation targets.
If your business participates in the Steamboat Sustainable Business Program, you have already begun to implement water conservation measures.
Here are some Best Management Practices we address as part of the certification program:
-Leak detection and repair
-Leaks can add up to significant water loss - one drip per second = up to 2,700 gal/yrReplace or retrofit appliances and fixtures:

          -25% of water going into the home is flushed down the toilet
          -current code is 1.6 gallon toilets, however installing ultra low flow, dual flush or even toilet dams can reduce this amount significantly
    oFaucet Aerators - cost effective and easy to install
    oInstall on-demand hot water heaters or hot water circulating pumps
-Tracking usage
      oLearning to interpret a water bill and compare to historic usage is a useful way to manage water use

-Refrain from tree-planting and the seeding or sodding of new lawns from June15th through August 31st .
-Use native grasses and shrubs or drought-tolerant  species on new or re-developing properties.
-Refrain from developing water-intensive landscapes.
-Water efficient irrigation practices:
      oOnly water between
6pm and 10am
      oConsider xeriscape practices
      oMulch plants, trees and shrubs

      oPlan landscaping based on sun, moisture, etc.
      oUse drip irrigation instead of spray
      oInstall rain shut off or moisture sensors on irrigation systems.
-Limit filling of swimming pools to one filling per year, unless draining for repairs is necessary.
-Potable water should be used for beneficial purposes and should not be wasted.
-Sweep impervious surfaces such as driveways, parking areas, walkways instead of power washing or hosing down.
-Pools and spas:
      oCover pools and spas with insulated covers when not in use to reduce evaporation
      oDetect and repair leaks
-Refrain from installing outdoor water features such as fountains.
EVERY BUSINESS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and/or for more information contact your sustainable business coach -Lyn Halliday at



About the Program


Currently 63 businesses strong, the Sustainable Business Program is one of the most accredited, diverse and encompassing programs of its kind in Colorado. Established in March of 2007 as a collaborative effort between the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association and Environmental Solutions Unltd, the Sustainable Business Program has been changing the nature of business in the Yampa Valley.  The program focuses on sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line - a new way to define business success. The Triple Bottom Line includes: financial success, social responsibility, proactive environmental management, and the inter-relationships between them. Our goal is to leave our planet in as good or better shape for future generations.
As part of the program, the Chamber program provides professional sustainable business coaching as well as a format for networking, sharing of ideas and practices, and for channeling collective energies amongst the business community that further the goal of achieving sustainability and a vibrant, economically sound community. 
The Green Link is published by the Steamboat Springs Chamber quarterly.
Prepared by Lyn Halliday, CEP and President of Environmental Solutions, LLC.
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