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June 2010


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Sustainable Business Program Highlights

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Sustainable Business Theme of the Month: Sustainability & Your Parking Lot

About the Program


Program Highlights


 Making a Difference - One Business at a Time!
The Steamboat Sustainable Business Program, in its fourth year, has had 74 participating businesses.    Currently, the following are enrolled in the program:
Businesses that have achieved certification:
Businesses that have achieved certification:
BAP and Big Agnes, GOLD
Moots Cycles,
J.K. Wall Designers,
Pet Kare Clinic,
Black Tie Ski Rentals,
Moving Mountains Chalets, Inc.,
Letson Enterprises,
Drexel Barrell & Co.
Air Quality Systems,
Kelly & Stone Architects,
Prudential Steamboat Realty,
Fox Construction,
PostNet -
Big House Burgers -
Simply Steamboat Property Management -
City of Steamboat Springs - Centennial Hall - BRONZE              
City of Steamboat Springs - City Hall - SILVER
ResortQuest Steamboat -
Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association - BRONZE
Central Park Management -
Colorado Mountain College -
Mountain Valley Bank - BRONZE
Rex's American Grill - SILVER
Mazzola's Restaurant -
The Ore House at the Pine Grove Restaurant -
Alpine Bank -
TouchMark Promotions -
GO Alpine -
Native Excavating -
The Steamboat Pilot & Today -
Sheraton Steamboat Resort -
Mountain Fire House - City of Steamboat Springs -
Alpine Insurance -
Landmark Consultants -
Light Works of Steamboat -
Catamount Lake Ranch & Club - Golf Clubhouse
Steamboat Motors -
Businesses on their way to achieving certification:
Drahota Construction Co.
Mountain Home Stove & Fireplace
Irene Nelson Interiors
Lowell Whiteman School
Mountain West Environments
Northwest Data Services
Vertical Arts
Steve Green Company
Catamount Ranch & Club - Lake House
Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp - Food & Beverage Department
Feldman and Nagel
Lil' House Coffee & Biscuits
Cents For Steamboat Program Participants:
Black Tie Ski Rentals
Central Park Management
The Steamboat Pilot & Today
Light Works of Steamboat
Steamboat Motors
Native Excavating







Lyn's Lines

If you haven't yet seen the new June edition of HomeLink Magazine, make sure you catch the article on page 70 titled "Businesses Slash Their Trash" where Sustainable Business Program members are recognized for their notable efforts in reducing, recycling, and reusing waste.  Great job every one in helping to make a difference!

As you most likely know by now, the Cents project for the year 2010 is focused on the benefits of growing and consuming food locally.  We have secured a community garden plots on
Oak Street and will be planting vegetables on June 16th.  Central Park Management, a gold certified sustainable business, has stepped up to help manage the project.
Throughout the summer, we are asking for help on a week-by-week basis for weeding and watering.  The Lowell Whiteman School K-8 students are also participating to learn why growing our own food is good for us, for the local economy, and for sustainability.    To sign up for a week please visit the website at




Bike to Work Month is here!  We have had a resounding response to the newly organized Bike Commuter Challenge event this year, created by the Sustainable Business Program and Routt County Riders. Over 25 teams have signed up and more than 26 individuals are also participating. We will be tracking how many tons of carbon dioxide the effort translates are saved by the challenge participants.  Thanks everyone for supporting the event and good luck!  



What's Coming Up?

June 24, 2010, 11:30am
Don't miss the upcoming Sustainable Business Networking Luncheon sponsored by Steamboat Motors and hosted by the Ore House at the Pine Grove Restaurant.  Our ninth Quarterly Networking Luncheon will feature:
                        How a Vehicle Service Shop Can Go Green:
                       Speaker - Harlin Mueller, Service Manager at Steamboat Motors
                        Eliminate Bottled Water at Your Business! How to Install a Reverse
                        Osmosis Drinking Water System
                        Speaker - Bob Brown, President, B&J Pump and Well Service                        
                        Open Forum Roundtable - Green Vehicle Options: Pros and Cons
led by Jim Steinke, General Manager, Steamboat
Lunch will be provided for $5 for businesses enrolled in the Sustainable Business program and $15 for non-members.  All are welcome!  Space is limited.  RSVP  at 875.7000 or   We hope to see you there!
  A HUGE thanks to The
Ore House at the Pine Grove for hosting the event and Steamboat Motors for sponsoring the lunch!



Sustainable Business Theme of the Month

Know the Flow - Caring for Your Parking Lot
During our "walk-throughs" as part of the Sustainable Business baseline audit process, you have all heard me talk about how precipitation runoff from impervious surfaces such as your parking lots can have a negative impact on the environment.  This can stem from rain or snow picking up materials that are deposited as a result of everyday use, such as petroleum products (gas, oil, antifreeze), ice melt, and general litter.  Additionally, a variety of potentially harmful chemicals can enter our waterways as precipitation runs through the watershed picking up fertilizers, animal waste, pesticides, sediment, improperly functioning septic system effluent and other wastewater, etc. along the way, ultimately depositing them into our waterways untreated.    Another source of harmful contaminants comes from humans dumping paint, waste oil or other waste water and items directly down storm drains, which in our community does not receive treatment prior to being discharged to the rivers and streams.
Why should this concern us?  Because this "non-point source pollution" has a negative effect on drinking water, recreation, fisheries and wildlife.  Even small concentrations of some toxins can have widespread effects.  Nutrients introduced into rivers and lakes from sources such as fertilizers and animal waste causes excessive weed and algae growth and as a result can reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, having a negative affect on aquatic organisms and lake ecosystems.  Litter, such as plastic bags, not only causes visible pollution, but can harm aquatic life.
Most all of the above sources of non-point source pollutants can be controlled with some common sense best practices.  Some of the ones I recommend to businesses are included here.  Perhaps the most important one that most businesses can readily implement is to frequently sweep your hard surfaces (parking lots, walkways, drives, etc.) and remove the material to a dumpster.  Be mindful of the fact that when you powerwash or hose off a surface to a storm drain that it often goes directly into the stream system.  Do you want to drink, fish or swim in that?  Is powerwashing really necessary?
Another way to make a difference is simply through education and raising awareness.  How many times have you seen a carpet cleaner, or other washing activity such as restaurant vent hood cleaning or asphalt sealant prep company discharging their waste product into a drain?  Perhaps these companies are from out of town and don't realize the harm they are doing.  Having sub-contractors capture their discharge water and haul it to a legal disposal facility is ideal.  In some cases, this wastewater can be treated via the City's wastewater treatment plant.
Using fertilizers in moderation and/or selecting organic fertilizers, as well as picking up pet waste, are also good practices that can made a difference.  Other best practices include properly disposing of all waste, composting leaves and grass clippings, preventing erosion, and fixing any oil or antifreeze leaks immediately. Environmentally friendly deicers are now available for purchase locally.  Finally, stenciling a cautionary message on storm drains in your vicinity will help public awareness.
 Next time you look at a storm drain or a parking lot, think about how important it is to keep potentially toxic materials out of the flow!




About the Program


To date, 74 businesses have participated in the Sustainable Business Program, one of the most accredited, diverse and encompassing programs of its kind in Colorado. Established in March of 2007 as a collaborative effort between the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association and local consulting firm Environmental Solutions Unltd, the Sustainable Business Program has been changing the nature of business in the Yampa Valley.  The program focuses on sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line - a new way to define business success. The Triple Bottom Line includes: financial success, social responsibility, proactive environmental management, and the inter-relationships between them. Our goal is to leave our planet in as good or better shape for future generations.
As part of the program, Environmental Solutions Unltd provides professional sustainable business coaching as well as a format for networking, sharing of ideas and practices, and for channeling collective energies amongst the business community that further the goal of achieving sustainability and a vibrant, economically sound community.  

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